Translation agency – what can it offer to its customers

Translation agency – what can it offer to its customers

What does the scope of translation agency services cover?

Both individual clients and company representatives usually reach out to a translation agency when they need a particular language service. The comprehensive scope of offered services makes many people choose an agency over a freelance translator. When contacting an agency, a project manager coordinates the work of numerous specialists. One e-mail is enough to ensure that the text undergoes a translation, proofreading, and localisation. Such convenience would be hard to achieve by simply combining a few independent specialists. Instead of becoming a project manager themselves, the client can focus on other business endeavours. Translation agencies are likely to meet the expectations of even the most demanding business partners. In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, the agencies often offer also DTP services. It is not uncommon to find linguists specialising in copywriting and localisation as well. This boils down to the fact that the clients can reach out to one agency - and be fully satisfied with the work outcome. A group of specialists can offer a reliable translation, proofreading, copywriting, localisation and DTP services. Anything that a potential client could ever wish for.

Explore the fundamentals: translation-related services

In case of any such business, translations constitute the cornerstone of their activity. The clients often take it for granted - after all, isn't that the service that such agencies are designed for? To provide a reliable service of a high quality, however, the CEO has to select appropriate contributors. This task alone can be highly demanding. In case of every person, it requires a thorough background check on their education and alleged experience. It should be noted that the process of translation often involves some extra work. The client may demand a proofreading service, as well as some finishing touches added by a native speaker. Usually, the ready-made translation is an end-product of a joint cooperation. The completion of such order involves the proper translation itself, proofreading, a discussion on implemented changes and the ultimate editing. These three services are essential to any translation agency.

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A wide array of additional services: copywriting, localisation, desktop publishing

The agencies devoted solely to translation activities are a thing of the past. Customers' demands are higher than ever, challenging specialists' capabilities to meet them. Many translation agencies expanded their offer, adding various features to their primary activity. It is not unusual to find agencies specialising in copywriting, transcreation, localisation or desktop publishing. Each of these services has a different purpose and is aimed at a different target audience. Web developers who cannot find their literary bug will appreciate copywriters' work. Copywriters are sought, e.g., during the launch of advertising campaigns; in such cases, linguistics and marketing blend seamlessly. Entrepreneurs launching their products or services abroad will undoubtedly need help with localisation. Meanwhile, desktop publishing revolves around precise solutions e.g. for a marketing agency. These activities center around the preparation of documents for publishing - either online or for printing. An increasing number of translation agencies offer all the above mentioned services. This way, their clients can choose from a comprehensive range of language solutions while being in contact with just one person. If the quality and pricing match their expectations, they are most likely to remain loyal to one service provider.

Professionalism, timeliness and reliability – translation agencies in a nutshell

The number of translation agencies is still growing, making this industry more competitive than ever. While it is not particularly good for the business owners, it could not be more perfect for the clients. It is the professionals offering punctual services of high quality that are trusted. Translation agencies have far more to offer than just its basic services - such as translation or interpretation. Majority of them also offer DTP, localisation and copywriting. We should also consider all these intangible aspects which help us remain calm and focused on the tasks fundamental to our business. Timely order execution, professional customer service and reliable support in case of troubles constitute their main advantages. When it comes down to their professional activity, the agencies do not revolve just around translations anymore. Adjusting the offer to the target audience might help acquire new clients. Modern translation agencies offer comprehensive language solutions, proposing also professional help with localisation, copywriting and desktop publishing.

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