Mode of operation of translation agencies - Part 2

Mode of operation of translation agencies - Part 2


A text verified by an editor in terms of its correctness is usually correct in terms of its content and you can be sure that there are no mistakes to be found in it. If you want to publish a translation on a website straight away or start to print flyers, then you should use a service consisting in final proofreading of your text. A proofreader will read the text without checking the source and therefore they will be able to spot easily all issues which make the text hard to read. Once these mistakes have been corrected, you will receive a text of very high quality suitable for publication.

DTP specialist

In order to ensure the highest quality of services, translation agencies often cooperate with individuals who know DTP inside out. Thanks to them, you receive a translation formatted in the same way as the source. After DTP, the text is checked over one more time.

As you see, several people watch over your translation. And all this for your satisfaction with the quality of your text.

What is the course of a translation process?

The translation process is usually divided into four stages:

1. Valuation of an order – it is the responsibility of a project manager.

2. In the second stage, the project manager reads the content of documents which they received from the customer. Subsequently, they assign them to the right translator. It is usually a person who speaks the target language and knows well a given subject.

text checked

3. After a text has been translated, it is sent to a second translator who is responsible for its editing. An editor checks paragraph after paragraph that no fragment of the text has been lost during translation. They also assess whether the meaning of a text has changed and whether appropriate expressions have been chosen in all places.

4. When the text has already been checked over by a second translator, it is sent to final proofreading in terms of its style. Both the editor and the proofreader ought to be native speakers of a given language.

The project is supervised by its manager who makes sure the deadline is met. If there are signs that translators will not make it on time, the project manager can assign more people to your translation.

A major problem in translation agencies is proper organisation of time when there are a lot of orders to complete.

If there are plenty of projects, problems with availability of translators arise, this resulting in dissatisfaction of the customer.

We try to avoid such situations and constantly look for new, ambitious translators who can offer high-quality translations.

In order to improve quality of translations, translation agencies continuously implement procedures making cooperation easier and accelerating the process.

In this way, you receive even better translations and are more satisfied.

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