How do you distinguish between a good and a bad translation agency

How do you distinguish between a good and a bad translation agency

Professionalism is a special term, holding a unique position in the contemporary business world. Everyone we meet, be it in our private or professional endeavors, wants to describe themselves with that unique adjective - because it affects other people in a very particular way. It has an enormous marketing and psychological potential. That is why it is very often used in advertisements - the specialists have long claimed that the use of the word “professional” evokes more interest and trust in recipients.

Many translation agencies would like to identify their activities with this term.

Distinguishing between professional translation agency and the one that only claims to be like that might pose a serious challenge for a potential client. This is very common, as marketing specialists try to influence the trust that a client has for a company - even if they “slightly bend the reality”.

The problem lies in the fact that the term “professionalism” is used both by successful, reliable companies, as well as translation newbies - with poor knowledge of the translation market, lacking professional workforce. They offer low prices... but also poor translation quality.

How to distinguish between professionals and amateurs?

The easiest way to do so, is by defining the term professionalism in relation to translation agencies. In our industry it stands for:

• high-quality translations

• absolute adherence to given deadlines

• good communication with clients

• individual approach to each order

• implementing good practices while dealing with simple and more complex projects

• employing people who not only have a good knowledge of a foreign language, but also an extensive knowledge in specific fields: law, medicine, technology, science and the humanities.

good translation agency

Arriving at such an agency, the client feels the personalized approach, with the service provider being actually interested in the their needs.

Amateur translation agencies, very often, don’t have order processing system, and the right team to deal with more complex projects. As far as communication is concerned, no personal approach could be noticed – very often it is based on a single template. Further work regarding the order processing looks similar. The same processes are employed towards every client, with no adjustment towards their demands.

How to make a good choice?

It is worth to pay special attention to the course of conversation with the owner. In direct contact with customers, an amateur translation agency doesn’t use facts, but resorts to generalizations and ambiguous statements. Hearing that should raise our suspicion and make us doubt company’s professional approach. Confidence in dealing with the ordering party and profound knowledge of translation sector are quite good and intuitive factors of diligence.

It is worth to remember that a professional translation agency may present recommendations from companies who have already used their services. If you have any doubts about your choice, you might want to ask previous customers for their opinion. While being an easy thing to do, it may significantly affect your choices.

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