What should you keep in mind when selecting a translation agency?

What should you keep in mind when selecting a translation agency?

The selection of a translation agency is a very important step for your company. If you are introducing your product/service to a new foreign market, your success or failure could depend on the quality of the translations. Why? Because poorly translated or unintelligible marketing texts certainly won't draw the customers' attention to the product/service they describe.

The same goes for instructions and websites. Low quality text will not attract the interest of the potential customers. The competition on the market is fierce, and only the best players have the chance to achieve success. Also in terms of language.

Where should we begin when looking for a provider of translations?

At the beginning it is worth to take a look at the local translation market. Do you know any translation agency? Or maybe a friend recommended an agency that he uses? However, in order to form your own opinion on the subject, it is worth to personally get to know the quality of the services offered by each of them. How to do that?

First select the agencies that you would like to work with, and then submit a short document to be translated. Remember that the sample text should be similar in terms of the subject and the level of difficulty to the documents that the translators are supposed to work on in the future. It should also be of a similar size. This way you will learn about the possible result of the future translations.

sample translations

What to look for when ordering sample translations?

When ordering a translation you're probably expecting a high quality target document, professional customer service, fast execution time, timely delivery of the commissioned translation, and an affordable price. Thanks to this test you will be able to accurately determine which translation agency implemented the entrusted tasks in the best way.

What to do next?

You already received the sample translations. Now it's time to discuss the details of the cooperation. Ask whether the potential supplier is able to adapt the style of the translations to the advertising policy adopted by your company. (If the style of the translation and the advertising campaign are not matched well, you will not achieve the desired effect).

Request that your projects are executed by the project manager and the translator who prepared the sample that you approved. In this way, all the commissioned texts will have the same high level, and this in turn will mean that the advertising campaign or the product descriptions will achieve a consistent style. In addition, if the situation requires this, the project manager will select the appropriate translator when you need a translation, for example, from another industry.

Long-term cooperation will allow you to develop a scheme for the implementation of each order that is beneficial for both parties. By ordering a translation from the same agency, you can avoid unpleasant surprises (e.g. low quality translations, late delivery) and you'll save money (it may happen that the target text will not be suitable for publication, and because there is little time left to prepare it, you'll be forced to order express translation services which are very expensive).

Furthermore, as a regular customer you can expect attractive discounts, promotions (e.g. translation packages) and an individual approach to each commissioned project.

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