Why is it worth to use the services of a single translation agency?

Why is it worth to use the services of a single translation agency?

Nowadays the consumer can choose between the offers of thousands of stores. The same is true in the case of translation services. The customer selects the translation agency which suits them in terms of quality, prices and implementation deadlines. However, in the translation industry we’re noticing an interesting trend that is not found anywhere else.

The customer gains more and more with each subsequent order

If you are searching for the best solution to your translation problems every single time, you'll never be satisfied with the work carried out. In this post Iwant to show, that constantly changing your translation provider leads to problems that you want to avoid. In this way, you end up paying more and more for the translations, there are more errors in the translated documents (and it’s not the fault of the translators) and you have to wait much longer for your documents, than if you only cooperated with one agency.

I will try to explain this in the following paragraphs.

1. Urgency of the projects

If your documents need to be translated very quickly, the best solution would be to use the services of the same translation agency as before. In such a case your order will be executed by people who already know your needs, and the final delivery will be much earlier. Some translation agencies do not facilitate the process of commissioning a translation and the customer has to wait, for example, for the formal agreement to be sent.

2. The appropriate terminology

There are probably no translation agencies that operate without the use of CAT tools. The standard procedure in translation agencies is to create a separate translation project for each client. This provides many benefits – the translators have access to your previous orders, as a result of which a new translation is much easier. The translation memories suggest to the translators sentences that have already been translated during previous orders, which affects the pace of work. Glossaries ensure that certain words are always translated in the same way, which is important for the proper reception of the documents.

CAT tools

3. Submitting new orders is easy

Starting cooperation with a new translation agency requires a lot of time and getting to know the people responsible for the provided service. When you cooperate with one agency, there are no such problems, because you can communicate in a less formal manner - you know the people who work there and they understand your needs.

4. Affordable prices and friendly settlements

It is not always possible to get a lower price in return for a large number of orders, but cooperation with a single translation agency is still more cost effective than working with several different companies. Some translation agencies offer the translation of short texts free of charge if you are their regular customer. If you order a large numbers of translations from one agency, you usually receive one cumulative invoice at the end of the month, which allows you to save a lot of time.

5. Corrections

Translators are not robots, so translations sometimes contain segments that in your opinion could be translated in a better way. When working with one translation agency, you can easily discuss such issues. It is possible to introduce changes in the translation memories to ensure that in the next order the given fragment of text will match your expectations. The same applies to individual words saved in the glossary.


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