Translation agency – what can if offer to its customers

Translation agency – what can if offer to its customers

What does the scope of translation agency services cover?

People, be it individual clients or company representatives, usually reach out to translation agencies when they are directly interested in a certain translation or interpretation service. The reason why people eagerly choose translation agencies over freelance linguists is mainly related to the comprehensiveness of services offered; corresponding with just one person coordinating the tasks is completely sufficient to carry out reliable translation, proofreading and localisation services. The clients can focus on other business-related activity instead of becoming a project manager themselves, rather ineffectively coordinating simultaneous work of three (or more) language specialists. Keeping up ahead of the competitors, the CEOs often broaden their offer and include DTP, copywriting and localisation – making it nearly impossible not to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

Explore the wide array of professional linguistic help that translation agencies offer

The advantages of translation agency are not limited to its complex approach to a given order. Among other most often listed factors justifying such decisions, the clients recall:

Solving the issue of responsibility. When it comes to cooperation with freelance translators, it can be easily determined who is responsible for timely task execution. When things go awry, however, a client may have significant trouble enforcing the preparation of a given order. Contacting the translator a few times a day may bring little effect while being stressful and time-consuming. Some specialists may try the avoiding strategy, ignoring phone calls and e-mails. In extreme cases it seems that a given linguist has simply vanished into the thin air – sometimes along with client’s money. Having a project manager directly contacting multiple professionals involved in order completion means that a business owner needing a translation does not have to bother whether his translation is underway; it is someone else’s responsibility, along with ensuring its high quality.

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Saving time and money. It’s not unusual to think that doing everything on our own would be much cheaper and faster – and it is true, provided that we are experts in that field. Given that we are the ones looking for translation services instead of providing them, our knowledge about a given industry is limited, therefore leaving us far behind the professionals dealing with such tasks on a daily basis. Due to in-house proofreaders and editors working for translation agencies, the lead time is incomparably shorter when compared to three (or more) individual linguists working on one project. For exactly the same reason it is also a money-saving solution, as gathering a team of language professionals on one’s own is far less economical.

Unparalleled quality. Translation agencies strive for constant improvement, always fighting to maintain their position on the market. Company’s reputation is of utmost importance for its CEO, therefore they implement multi-stage quality assurance systems, aimed at ensuring that provided services are of the highest quality. In case of freelance translators offering help related to exotic and rare languages, we have to fully trust their skill and knowledge, being unable to verify content quality. When our clients or collaborators let us know that something is off with our marketing or advertising materials, website content or e-mail newsletter, it is usually too late and our reputation has already taken a severe blow.

Professionalism, timeliness and reliability – translation agencies in a nutshell

The number of translation agencies is still growing, making this industry more competitive than ever. While it is not particularly good for business owners, it could not be more perfect for clients: it is professionals offering punctual services of reliable quality that stay on the market. Translation agencies have far more to offer than just its basic services, such as translation, interpretation, DTP, localisation and copywriting. We should also consider all of these intangible aspects which help us remain calm and focused on the tasks fundamental to our business – such as timely order execution, professional approach to the client, providing help in solving conflicts and supervising efficient work and information flow.


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