Should translation agency owner be a translator? Part II

Should translation agency owner be a translator? Part II

However, in practice, the one who is to do the work is... the employee. Completion of customers' orders will thus be the job of hired translators who are specialists in their profession. On the other hand, the task of the owner is primarily to coordinate their cooperation, to ensure they have good conditions and pleasant atmosphere as well as to plan effective procedures of contact with the customer and development of translations. This is, basically speaking, management of translations, and not translating itself.

Hence, the owner of a translation agency has to be an efficient manager.

Tasks of a company CEO include most of all order completion smoothness control and possible management of advertising and commercial activities, any financial matters and, above all, identification of work for their subordinates while providing the opportunity to carry it out efficiently. It is the owner who establishes not only the methods of work, but also defines the required reliability, quality and professionalism of translations.

small translation agencies

In small translation agencies, the owner's education is of no major importance. What is most important is that they ensure that employees have working conditions which motivate them to complete tasks, offer satisfactory earnings as well as take care of functioning of the company as a whole.

For larger translation agencies, however, it is much better when the owner is not a translator, albeit they know their way around well in this industry, i.e. at least to the extent allowing them to distribute a specific type of translation among their employees, be able to control effects of their work and maintain its high quality. It is nothing other than coordination which is the priority of efficiency of cooperation within a company and with the customer, especially nowhere else than in large companies which complete many orders.


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