Perfect PM part 2

Positive attitude – meeting a problem face to face during translation is sometimes stressful for customers and colleagues. An average project manager may not withstand such pressure. Nevertheless, a project manager with a positive attitude will lead their team through difficult times. A positive attitude and ease in starting conversations make the majority of business talks go through easily and bring about measurable effects.

Good organisation skills – a translation project manager often has to cope with many situations and problems at the same time (e.g. project budget, translation editing or deadlines). In order to complete all parts of a project, its manager should be characterised by the ability of good working time organisation. Any mistakes can contribute to delay in work and in effect frustrate customers. A well-organised manager can manage tasks so that everything is carried out in an orderly and timely manner as well as results in customer satisfaction.

Flexible – in the world of translations nothing is only black or white. Between allocation of working hours, meeting customers' expectations and helping members of their team, a project manager still has many other tasks to accomplish, from the use technical solutions to the implementation of new technologies.

organisation skills

A good project manager:

– is flexible;

– thinks outside the box;

– is willing to make changes;

– listens to opinions of other co-workers and also put their ideas into practice;

– knows customers' needs and takes into account their advice and guidance.

Whether you look for a perfect translation project manager or want to become one yourself, remember these essential attributes which a good manager ought to have.

Do you agree with such a characterisation of an ideal translation project manager?

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