Translation management systems (TMS)

Translation management systems (TMS)

Appreciating the people behind timely order execution – project managers

A translation. What we see as a final result is, in fact, a joint effort from several professionals. The work of a translator, proofreader, or an independent consultant is perceived as a complete whole. Little to no people spare a thought on the real effort required to prepare a high-quality translation. There are professionals that are very well aware of these consecutive stages. Project managers. Thanks to them, all the stages of order execution are seamless, bringing extraordinary results. Still, no matter how good they are at what they do, these professionals deserve help. Translation management systems are a perfect solution in this case. Let us investigate closer this amazing tool.

What are translation management systems and who should use them?

For the majority of translation agencies, projects prepared by a single person are a thing of the past. Usually, they face complex tasks, requiring the effort of many specialists. Those people make up the teams cooperating on a given project - just to make things even more complicated for a project manager. Translations management systems are designed to help project managers supervise order execution, track the progress and keep updated on the budget. It might seem that only people working in the industry benefit from introducing TMS into their daily work routine. You could not be more wrong – the customers also experience positive effects of its usage. The possibility to shorten the lead time, offer more attractive prices, as well as keep the client posted on the current advances in their order are among the most distinct improvements.


Integrating multiple functionalities and bringing the collaborators together

Even a few years ago, it would be impossible to bring together all the professionals involved in a given order without inviting them to the office. Translation management systems foster direct communication between all co-workers, serving as an effective tool in shortening the lead time. A project manager no longer acts as an intermediary who controls the correspondence; translators and proofreaders are able to exchange opinions without delay. The coordination of professionals’ work is fundamental to the successful task execution, yet it might be overly time-consuming – especially with numerous projects at hand.

The benefits of translation management systems reach far beyond the workflow aspect. Term bases and translation memories foster the consistent use of the preferred terminology. The access to such an extensive resource is also helpful for the newcomers. They immediately get a grasp of client's demands, language register used and required lexicon, preventing unforeseen problems. Such reference material is particularly useful when we think of loyal customers, as we want to provide them reliable services of high quality. Achieving lexicon uniformity is also important for clients who treat their terminology as a serious matter and consider it part of their brand.. In case of repeatable documents submitted by the same client, when translation throughput is relatively high, translation memories and term bases are priceless.

Translation management systems provide also a valuable insight into the statistics. You can track company finances, actual data on available budget, past and current expenses, as well as monthly fixed costs. You can precisely predict future financial condition of the enterprise. If needed, you can plan the necessary adjustments in advance, preventing a potential disaster.

Manage your translation projects effortlessly, efficiently and effectively

In a perfect world, project manager would focus on one or two tasks. Then, they would supervise every stage of their execution. The reality forces us to adopt a multi-tasking approach, though. A project manager usually supervises multiple tasks involving numerous professionals. Keeping everything under control is a challenge itself. They are constantly short of time and overwhelmed by the entrusted tasks. Nobody is able to work effectively under such conditions. Making their life easier by introducing a translation management system is a giant leap into a better future. 


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