From Excel project management to professional translation management system

From Excel project management to professional translation management system

Comfortable solutions don’t always equal efficient solutions – dare to change

Current discoveries and an unstoppable development of IT solutions force business owners and managers to dynamically adapt to the ever-changing reality. Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in a field as competitive as translation services; therefore, some of the management solutions implemented even just a few months ago might be outdated. Stubborn resistance to change might cost you time, money, and most importantly, your clients’ trust. Crossing the borders of one’s comfort zone sounds so cliché, yet it undoubtedly remains true – the success lies far beyond comfortable and trusted, yet inefficient solutions.

The truth behind decision-making process: when are we really ready for a change?

The particular moment of making such an important decision and starting to introduce the new system is usually hard to define; in majority of cases it is stretched over time, involving numerous consultations and thorough planning. Some entrepreneurs just feel like they’ve come to the dead end and simply cannot go any further without applying fundamental changes. Just as families outgrow their starter homes, companies develop and need more space – usually both literally and metaphorically. While MS Office tools constitute a great opportunity to manage your company in the beginning, and wise use of their features works for majority of entrepreneurs, there might come a moment when translation projects are just far too complex for it, there are too many people involved in their completion or more than one person needs to access a particular document at a given moment. Each of these problems can be fixed by implementing professional translation management system.


Consider the following aspects while choosing a translation management system

The main advantage of professional translation management system is that it considerably facilitates planning, managing resources, organising work and delegating tasks to specific co-workers. Along with a trusted team you should decide what are the fundamental needs of your company enabling its seamless operation; time tracking, cost control, scheduling or maybe data storage – whatever it is, consult a professional and choose the software which fits best your company’s needs. Decide whether one program offering multiple features is really needed (as they say, the more features there are, the more likely it is that we will have to deal with problems), or maybe your company should settle for less and choose a specialised program offering help within a particular scope of services. Such software offers much more than typical Excel or Word files – personalised dashboards, possibility to share data on team and project levels and track the progress of order completion; some systems even enable messaging. Such software, however, usually requires the payment of a monthly fee calculated basing on the number of users actually using it. One should treat such expense as an investment rather than an annoying cost – after all, it is supposed to help you organise work and save time. After initial installation, a training may be required; make sure that all your project managers thoroughly understand the software and will be able to make the most out of it.

Time- and money-saving tools; they do exist, really.

Transferring data might be problematic – that’s true. Initial problems will have to be overcome and petty little mistakes might influence the completion of a whole project – that’s also true. But nothing that comes easy is really worth it, and the inaugural efforts will surely pay off in the future. The changes will affect not only the financial and temporal framework – having a helpful tool which takes the best out of modern technology is a cornerstone of operation in every company that wants to not only keep up with the competition, but stay two steps ahead.


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