With appropriate resources, flexibility in project management turns into an asset

With appropriate resources, flexibility in project management turns into an asset

While most definitions regarding project management focus mainly on the application of pre-defined and specific processes, the ever-changing translation industry requires certain amendments to be made. In the past, any deviations from accepted proceedings used to be frowned upon and criticised – but not anymore. It seems that 2018 is the year of changes and flexibility in business endeavours.

Project management revolves around coordination, teamwork, meticulous planning (file preparation, prediction, keeping two steps ahead of people involved in project completion) and, last but not least, efficient communication and supervision. Flexibility could be easily applied to each and every step during the project completion process; keeping an open mind helps in forecasting possible difficulties and adapting effortlessly to the ever-changing work environment.

While you should always cater to your clients’ needs, things might get a little bit complicated with their individual demands. Always listen attentively to their requirements: some of them want the target text to mirror perfectly the source material. Representatives of marketing agencies, on the other hand, often stress the crucial role of localisation in their content. Determine particular processes regarding given clients and save priceless time upon their return. Such preparation ensures smooth completion of their order, allowing the company to offer competitive rates and completion times.

Achieving the goals of your enterprise should go hand in hand with utilising your vast knowledge of current trends; ensure that the foundations remain unchanged and gain some flexibility within your day-to-day operation. Do not be afraid to resort to modern technologies in order to minimise the effort and maximise the effect; translation management systems are out there to support you, not make your life even more complicated.

It may not be an easy change; the chances are it will require significant joint effort and harmonious implementation of redefined, tailor-made processes. The results, however, will definitely be worth it, bringing both customer satisfaction and revenue benefits.



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