TMS vs. Project Management System

TMS vs. Project Management System

The benefits of implementing management systems in enterprises

Business environment, be it domestic or international, is characterised by its ever-changing and competitive nature. Entrepreneurs are required to adapt to the dynamic changes and keep up-to-date with modern technologies which ensure that their services and software remain attractive to clients, while customer service department provides a user-friendly experience. At a certain stage of company development, many of the temporary solutions that used to facilitate daily operation prove to be inefficient; while stepping up your game might be challenging, the technology is always there to support you. Management systems are usually chosen as intuitive yet tremendously effective solutions – so what is all the fuss about?

Project management systems: complex solutions helping you regain total control over company operation

No matter how ambitious we are and how we are trying to prove everyone wrong – we are just humans and we cannot excel at every single task we are trying to handle. Project managers are usually entrusted with a wide scope of responsibilities, challenging their time management, task delegation and interpersonal skills at the same time. Daily operation of a given company might turn into a frenzy in a split second, proving all of the employed work methods utterly ineffective. Project managers are required to supervise work of multiple contributors, subcontractors and in-house specialists; their primary job involves ensuring that all of the clients are satisfied with delivered products or services. Project management systems allow them to precisely allocate workforce and share available resources among numerous specialists involved in order execution process, facilitating the access to dictionaries, reference material uploaded by the client and completed sample tasks. Project management systems allow for efficient budget supervision, therefore enhancing the chances of wiser financial decisions and gain. To put it simply, such systems enable adequate control over all of the processes taking place at one’s company, making it possible for everyone to focus on their designated tasks and do whatever they can do best.

Management systems

Management systems aiding translators and interpreters: tailored solutions for translation agencies

Every project manager working in the translation industry is aware of the role that effective administration plays in this highly competitive field. Apart from budget and progress monitoring, such systems allow managers to provide access to priceless term bases and translation memories, ensuring highest quality of language services, lexical consistency and shorter lead time to your clients. The difference is simple: when something is designed specifically with a particular group of specialists in mind, there are numerous features that make their work easier and far more efficient. Instant access to dictionaries, online translation resources and corpora facilitate the completion of specialist legal, medical or technical translations; cloud-based software, meanwhile, ensures effortless and direct communication between linguists and consultants selected to contribute to a given project. The usage of translation management systems is beneficial to both agency and a translator, given the amount of reference material and support that they receive – and the agency can supervise the progress of specialist’s work without disturbing them with constant e-mails or phone calls.

Project management system vs. specialised tool for a translation agency – which one should we choose?

Such a revolutionary implementation should be always preceded by thorough research. Identifying your company’s needs and areas requiring improvement might easily solve the dilemma regarding the choice between these two abovementioned solutions. Do not hesitate to ask for a trial version of a given software and give it a try; ask your co-workers for their opinion and see whether both in-house specialists and homeworkers are equally satisfied with its features. Stay open for suggestions, implement the changes, ask software developers for support and help in problematic cases – they are there to help you, especially if you are willing to invest in their product. Upon making a decision and implementing the solution, evoke the persistence in your team members and lead the success-driven group towards more efficient and easier customer service.


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