Three Key Concepts of Adaptive Project Management

Three Key Concepts of Adaptive Project Management

A vast array of factors contribute to the ever-growing competition among entrepreneurs and individuals involved in Project Management on Translation and Localisation market. Rapidly evolving client requirements, along with growing competition and a demand for tailored customer service, render it impossible to employ one solution that would match everyone’s expectations. Current daily operation of numerous enterprises involves exorbitant standards concerning drastically shortened deadlines – that do not come hand in hand with growing budget.

Upon closer examination it turns out that technology and widespread presence of globalisation exert enormous pressure on market’s retail aspect, as there are more and more freelancers and start-ups. There is no denying that in order to keep up with the ever-changing market one has to constantly remodel the processes and procedures in force; translation and localisation companies are required to remain flexible and open to change. The ability to adapt and cater to clients’ needs, however, requires a strong foundation based on proper management. While seeking improvement, one has to carefully recognise crucial elements of management processes and procedures.

Three Key Concepts of Adaptive Project Management

First things first: The Three Pillars of Project Management

Vast experience gathered over the years of our company’s operation in the localisation and translation business resulted in the emergence of a widely known concept: the three pillars of Project Management. When we were up to some serious challenges, we started with the basics and determined these three elements. Then we implemented effective responses to the tasks. Let’s take a closer look at these three components: Processes, Resources and People.


Processes should be duly determined and followed. This, however, is not enough: these should be easily adaptable to the ever-changing business environment. Rigid procedures might bring as much harm as those lousy ones; aim to have just enough control to follow previously defined processes, yet allow for some last-minute amendments and divergence.


Efficient file management goes largely unnoticed – unless something goes wrong and search for a missing file is commenced. Language services revolve around appropriate handling of files: from their conversion, through storage and tracking a plethora of changes, up to the distribution of properly prepared target documents.


Needless to say, it is the people who stand behind every successful project completion. Every single case requires individual approach and input from various specialists; make sure that their communication is effortless and effective. It might seem that it all boils down to providing everyone with equal access to documents, enabling them as well to provide valuable feedback and make amendments.

The three pillars – a cornerstone for Project Management

There’s one thing to highlight: a prosperous project management is based on these three elements. It doesn’t get much more complicated than controlling schedules with particular PROCESSESS being used in reference to owned RESOURCES, in cooperation with appropriate PEOPLE. Basically, successful Project Management constitutes a perfect blend of these three aspects.

Why bother?

In terms of keeping your business balanced, bear in mind that one wrong move could make everything topple over. Whenever one of these pillars remains underdeveloped or undergoes steady deterioration, all of the tasks delegated to project managers become tedious and ineffective. An unsustainable system renders it impossible to effortlessly ascribe particular tasks to available specialists, match client requirements to offered services, as well as manage the financial aspect by choosing appropriate budget to rate ratio. An ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment is not enough: a switch in thinking is required. A ground-breaking one that makes further endeavours based on these three pillars only.

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