Medical translation – technology

Medical translation – technology

When translation might impact someone’s health – medical translation

Medicine, technology, and linguistics may seem distant - but upon closer inspection, they remain tightly interwoven. When it comes to translation, medicine is among the most demanding fields. Preparing a reliable transposition of a source text into a foreign language requires a set of specialist skills. A professional has to rely on profound knowledge about linguistics and medical issues. Mastering two languages is not enough while working in this field. An in-depth understanding of the advances in medicine is expected as well. Linguistic knowledge helps in connecting doctors and patients from around the world. It also enables an effortless information flow and an introduction of a cutting-edge treatment. Where, then, is technology's place in that blend? We would neither be able to share the information with the others nor expand our knowledge. Undoubtedly, the ability to provide reliable medical translation services goes hand-in-hand with technology.

Connecting medicine and technology

Looking for an experienced medical translation professional is as challenging as searching for a reliable doctor. Entrusting a translation agency with your medical documentation might be a good idea - if you only find a solid specialist. Such documents are usually extensive, yet linked with tight deadlines. Specialist terminology, demanding an in-depth insight into the intricacies of the field, does not make this task any easier. Technology serves as an invaluable tool facilitating their work. Translation management systems enable an effortless communication between the linguists and experts. In such a way, the lead time - which is a crucial aspect in medical translation - can be significantly shortened. Such tools make it possible for the specialists to access a wide array of resources. The dictionaries, corpora, and reference materials are of incomparable value during such translation. Easily accessible specialist data guarantees the compliance with enforced terminology and grammatical norms. Last but not least, such systems make it possible to capitalise on the opportunity of international cooperation.

high quality medical translation

CAT tools – facilitating quick and high-quality medical translation

Medical translations are largely dependent on vocabulary. In case of extensive medical documentation, a consistent use of terminology is crucial. In case of such texts entrusted to a translation agency, they often rely on a designated specialist. Their knowledge and experience is often essential for a successful completion of an order - but not enough. Term bases and translation memories - two core features of every CAT tool - are incredibly important. These two options make it possible to take advantage of previously translated texts. They also help with lexicon uniformity. Each business partner may have a designated term base; this ensures a consistent use of their preferred terminology. The usage of CAT tools is beneficial for both business partners: it guarantees financial gains for the translator and a positive experience for the client. A client expands their own translation memory with each service performed, while a professional is able to ensure an assistance of the highest quality. Providing a timely delivery of high-quality texts makes you also stand out in this highly competitive field.  

Punctuality, reliability and incomparable quality – when the world of medicine meets the world of translation

People often claim that time is money. In the world of medicine, however, time usually equals someone’s well-being or even life. As translators, we recognise the virtue of punctuality and long to provide trustworthy service to our clients. Medical translation constitutes a field of expertise demanding lifelong learning and utmost precision. Being aware that nowadays science and technology are closer than ever, we make the most out of that perfect match. Technology does not only shorten the lead time or enable many specialists to cooperate on a given project. It also ensures that the specialists are able to provide meticulously crafted medical translations.  


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