Customer Management System

Customer Management System

Gaining clients does not guarantee their loyalty – how to make sure that the retention rate is high?

Brand new agencies and freelance translators usually struggle with gaining client’s trust – after all, they usually can’t boast about the multitude of successfully completed projects and are not able to present long list of cooperating entities. Making people interested in the services one’s company can offer is fundamental to the proper development; so is making sure that they will stay with the same agency instead of researching other options. As the enterprise grows, though, it is easy to forget about the cornerstone of establishing long-lasting business relationships: direct contact. Modern technology comes to the rescue with one of the most efficient solutions developed over the past years: customer management systems.

Customer Management Systems – a great aid in staying up-to-date with numerous business partners

Translation agency CEOs and project managers juggle a multitude of responsibilities related to timely task execution. Sometimes all the haste results in utter negligence of after-sales support or close investigation of client’s needs; meanwhile, loyal customers deserve just as much attention as those newly acquired. Customer Management Systems basically embrace all of processes, applications and systems required for efficient management of business relationship; they help to keep track of client’s orders, their usual volume, offered prices, lead time and offered discounts, conveniently storing all of the necessary data at one place. These valuable insights allow to track client’s activity and predict their future behaviour, therefore increasing profits for both parties. Just one quick glance is enough for a project manager to see whether the client provides timely money transfers on a regular basis or whether there is some payment in arrears. Customer management systems offer much more than just reliable budget and order tracking, capturing and analysing complex information on preferences, actual client’s decisions and demographic profile.

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Immediate access to reliable data allowing effortless identification of client’s needs

Responding to the needs of business partners is just like drinking when you are thirsty – it’s simply too late. A clever entrepreneur predicts the challenges that their client is about to face and offers comprehensive solutions before the client even feels that there is need to start looking for them. The access to such priceless insights helps you establish intuitive and friendly terms with the clients; the more you are able to foresee, the more tailored to the client’s requirements your offer is. Your offer does not only perfectly fit client’s demands – thanks to quality assurance activities involved in every stage of order completion, one can guarantee unparalleled quality of ready-made translation. At the same time it may also highlight the areas which are potentially profitable, as well as those burdened with high risk – ensuring that the company won’t suffer horrible losses resulting from one simple mistake.

Customer management systems bring also considerable profit when it comes to marketing activities. Data on customer attitudes and needs vs. their actual behaviour is priceless when adjusting newsletters and preparing quotes for loyal clients (which also equals financial profits for them and time savings for project managers). You can diversify advertisements, sending your clients only targeted offer that will be meaningful to them, maximising the profit and limiting copious amounts of tedious research.

If you own a customer database, you already are in possession of the most valuable asset

A complex customer database and extensive business network constitute two tools of unprecedented power. Using a customer management system makes it easier to delve into the gathered data and discover behaviour patterns or ties which remain unnoticed during daily operation. It also allows for effective and quick reaction to both positive and negative feedback, ensuring that the customer relationship is blooming. High quality of provided services, growth in revenue, lower cost, acquiring and retaining clients while building meaningful and trust-based business relationships; while it sounds like an utopian concept, very unlikely to happen in the ordinary world, it is achievable – just trust the technology and implement customer management system to see how tangible changes may be. 


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