How should we professionally manage the process of translation in a company?

How should we professionally manage the process of translation in a company?

The budget of a project is the total amount of money which we have at our disposal under a given project. As a customer, you surely want your order to be completed quickly and cheaply thanks to which you will be able to reap benefits of your translation.

As a person who is responsible for a translation project, you should get a slightly lower price for your order. If it is not performed at the expense of quality of documents, then the company will only derive benefits thereof. In practice, it is not so simple as it may seem, since a good translation costs more than an average one.

Quality or cost

In my opinion, as a customer, you should primarily pay attention to the quality of a translation. It is impossible to assess it before getting the finished text. However, there are many indicators which will allow you to make a decision more easily.

1. Price – translators who have the most extensive experience in the industry do not compete with their prices. If you want someone to translate a page below the average market price, then you cannot expect a good quality text.

2. Professional approach – in the case of translators who offer high-quality work, you can see the right approach to the customer.

3. Portfolio – a good translator is not afraid to show the world their translations and will be happy to send you samples. A novice translator will not do this, since... perhaps you are their first customer.

Fortunately, there are methods to reduce translation costs. One of them is to ask a translator or translation agency for a discount for a large number of orders. The majority of translation agencies charge only for translating those expressions which occurred in their base (translation memory) for the first time. In this way, each further order is increasingly cost-efficient.

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