6 Essential Clues for Translation Agencies that Help Support Business Relationships

6 Essential Clues for Translation Agencies that Help Support Business Relationships


Specific factors influencing business relationships have already been widely discussed; in this article, however, we would like to investigate closely translation and localisation industries. Current demands of the clients mainly revolve around quick time of order completion, making many people wonder which aspects are of particular importance when we think about relationships between translation agencies and their clients. In order to acquire new business partners, you have to be on the top of your game when it comes to marketing strategies. Still, your long-time clients are equally important as newly acquired ones. Your business has also to be enticing for gifted, diligent translators – as it is them that you owe your client’s satisfaction.

Let us present below six clues which are essential in maintaining professional relationships with your clients:

1. Hone your empathy skills

While it is a popular claim among many companies working within the field of services, translation agencies should indeed do their best to treat each and every of their projects as a unique one. Walk a mile in your clients’ shoes and try to look at things from their perspective; meeting their expectations will help you build a trust-based relationship, convincing them to come back to your company – and significantly contributing to your success. Treat others how you want to be treated.

2. Transparency – a key element in building trust

Trust constitutes a cornerstone for every professional relationship – and it is no different when it comes to translation agencies and their clients. Actually, trust should be the most fundamental issue in this business sector; your partners usually have no command of the target language and depend solely on your knowledge. Upon presenting their demands, deadline, as well as target consumers, they believe that the completed translation will be precisely what they expect.

Transparency is key when it comes to building a trust-based relationship. Use modern technology and make your client a part of the process, engaging them in particular stages of order completion.

3. Ensure that you keep your promises

Global companies are still one of the most attractive, yet most demanding players within the field of translation services. As clients, they seek service providers who are innovation-driven, motivated and flexible when it comes to fulfilling their duties. In order to satisfy their needs, most worldwide-oriented associations will demand a “program-based not project-based” approach, offering a more extensive, multilingual and round-the-clock support. Setting feasible goals and being able to satisfy high expectations of your clients will be a must.

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4. Use technology to your advance and stay two steps ahead of your competition

Skills such as impeccable language proficiency and additional qualifications are no longer enough to stay competitive in this business. Cutting-edge technology comes to the rescue here, providing the possibility to remain responsive to your clients’ demands. Such solutions are also helpful in providing instant answers to filed complaints; Translation Management Systems provide a priceless insight into all projects undergoing translation, gathering all necessary information in one place. Such comprehensive systems provide quick access to all files submitted for translation or other language service, requirements or deadlines, along with detailed project history. Translation Management System is also an exceptional tool used to determine your most valuable customers – namely those who bring the most substantial revenue.

5. Don’t be shy – collect customer feedback

Satisfaction surveys, which help you determine strengths and weaknesses of your business, are crucial for providing appropriate services to your clients. Gathering feedback constitutes a sign of maturity, flexibility and utmost care for your business partners, as they realise that you are open for their opinions and always seek improvement.

6. Be accessible – and stay in touch with your clients

Maintaining contact with your business partners has never been this easy – just imagine the possibilities of modern technology. You can decide whether you prefer to call your clients, send them an SMS, maybe a LinkedIn message or contact them via any other social media of your choice. Don’t forget about important occasions, such as Christmas, Easter or New Year’s Day – it’s a great way to send your greetings and let them know that you remember about them.

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