Freelancer or a translation agency

Freelancer or a translation agency

When looking for someone to translate a text, we have several options to choose from. We can, for example, look for a freelance translator or choose services of a translation agency.

When is it worth to choose a freelancer?

If we don't have to translate official documents that we then need to submit in a court or to some official state institution, which requires a translation certified by a sworn translator, we can look around for a freelance translator. That could include a graduate of a university, and maybe even a student of philology, who wants to earn some extra money to add to their scholarship or to gain valuable work experience in the gray area,{C} before they start to work as a company or in a company.

An unquestionable advantage of this option will be the lower cost. The downside is frequently the fact that the quality of the translation leaves much to be desired, much like the translator's ability to meet the established deadline. It is not always possible to receive an invoice for the provided service. This may prove to be a good choice, however, if we are looking for a niche language translator. Besides, freelance translators are often very eager to acquire new customers and orders, so it is more likely that they will be more flexible when negotiating the prices.

translation agency

When to select a translation agency?

We should definitely choose a translation agency if we need high-quality services, short deadlines and the timely completion of works. A translation agency employs proven, experienced translators, including sworn translators, so there will be no situation where the customer has to repeatedly prompt the translation supplier in order to receive the commissioned work. In addition, an agency won't have any problem with issuing an invoice or a bill.

Another advantage is the very broad range of provided services. Translation agencies usually offer translations from at least several languages. They are also able to take on the translation of specialized, technical and scientific texts. A translation agency frequently employs not only sworn translators, but also conference and simultaneous interpreters, and may even provide specialized equipment for interpreting for a lecture or a presentation.

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