Why is it worth to use the services of a single translation agency

Why is it worth to use the services of a single translation agency

Establishing trust-based and long-lasting business relationships – is it even worth it?

We receive various bonuses when we own rewards cards at our favourite shops or discounts when we subscribe to a newsletter when making on-line purchases. Why should it be different when it comes to developing long-term cooperation with your business partners? The responsibility is incomparably higher, just as the risk of the consequences, so your efforts might as well be finely rewarded. Finding a translation agency that meets all of your expectations and fulfills entrusted duties in a reliable, timely manner is not an easy task – and sometimes it turns out that maintaining that relationship over time might be even harder. One should always consider, however, that trusting one partner in your business endeavours is far more beneficial than constant switching of subcontractors. It is a relationship worth far more than just financial advantages and priority treatment.

Save time and money by remaining faithful to one translation provider

Loyalty pays off in the most unpredictable ways, so being kind to other people and standing by the side of your business partner might be more beneficial than you would have ever thought. Majority of people associate loyalty in business with financial benefits – and it’s a spot-on observation based on one’s long experience in the field. The more translation pages you provide to the agency, the more likely its owner is to offer you a discount. Same applies to manuals, handbooks, legal documentation or website content which are rather large in volume; in such cases, loyal customers are also offered attractive prices. In case of long-running partnership company owners shouldn’t even be surprised by receiving short pieces of writing translated for free. It should be stressed, however, that in this case lower price does not equal worse quality. In many cases it is a thriving international company, constantly needing translation aid, that constitutes the core activity of a given translation agency, so the last things its owners would like for their vital client is any quality-related problem.

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When it comes to loyal customers, project managers are also more flexible when it comes to lead time. Negotiating shorter completion time does not feel like reaching a dead end anymore, as trusted business partners’ orders are often treated as priority. Even the most challenging deadlines are accepted, given the special meaning ascribed in this unique relationship to customer satisfaction. If you need something to be translated overnight, do not hesitate to at least try and send a quote to your reliable business partner. Both sides actually fear to neglect the relationship – search for a new dedicated team of specialists might be time-consuming and may generate additional costs while for the agency it equals immediate decrease in translation throughput and financial woes, especially if we talk about relatively young team of professionals.

What else, besides financial advantage, can we gain through long-lasting business cooperation?

Clients often underline how important consistent use of preferred terms is in their industry – and they are often disappointed by professionals ignoring their requests over time, receiving translations which are not cohesive as a whole and use diversified nomenclature instead of remaining faithful to the phrases indicated by the client. Project managers have thorough knowledge on translator’s education and work experience, therefore choosing the best team of professionals to complete a given order. How can it even influence the cooperation between the client and their translation agency? Each time a given company sends texts for translation or requires interpreting services, the agency ensures that their demands are forwarded to a translator who has previously successfully completed their order. By doing so they guarantee full customer satisfaction, reliable task execution and cohesive use of terms. Last but not least, we can be simply sure that no matter how hopeless our situation might be and what kind of cultural gap do we have to bridge – there is always someone that has our back.

The cornerstone of every properly built relationship – mutual trust… and thorough research.

By encouraging you to do a proper research, we definitely do not applaud stalking the CEO of the agency. Before reaching out to potential business partners, before even investigating closely their offer – identify the needs of your company. Then, based on the challenges that you deal with on a daily basis, check whether your chosen service provider covers the whole range of your requirements. Do a little background check and see whether there is any information regarding their approach to the client, customer experience and ability to professionally complete tasks entrusted to their specialists. Believing that your business partner is a fellow expert in their field, you help in building a relationship based on mutual trust, allowing you both to focus on each other’s business responsibilities and do whatever you are best at.

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