How do translation agencies work - part 2

How do translation agencies work - part 2

As you can see, there is a whole group of people working on your translation. All of this is done in order to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the text.

How does the translation process look like?

The translation process is usually divided into four stages:

The valuation of the order - this is carried out by the project manager.

In the second stage the project manager becomes acquainted with the content of the documents that they received from the customer. Then they assign these documents to the appropriate translators. These are usually people who speak the target language of the text and know the given subject well.

After the text has been translated, it is sent to a second translator who edits it. The editor checks the document paragraph by paragraph to ensure that no part of the text has been lost during translation. They also evaluate the text to ensure that the meaning of the text hasn't been changed and that the appropriate terms have been selected.


After the text has been verified by a second translator, it is sent for final proofreading. Both the editor and proofreader should be the native speakers of the given language. The project is supervised by its manager who makes sure that the deadline is met. If there are any indications that the translators will not complete their work on time, the project manager may assign more people to your translation.

Proper time organization is a serious challenge at translation agencies when many orders are implemented at the same time. If there are very many projects, we face problems with the availability of translators, which results in customer dissatisfaction. We try to avoid such situations and we are constantly looking for new, ambitious translators, who can offer high quality translations.

In order to improve the quality of the translations, translation agencies are constantly implementing procedures intended to facilitate cooperation and accelerate the process. As a result you get even better translations and are even more satisfied.

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