Translation software

Translation software

Underrated yet incredibly effective – translation software in a nutshell

Despite the dynamic development of the translation industry, numerous specialists are still reluctant to make the most out of state-of-the-art technology. Even young entrepreneurs often overlook the modern technology during the preparation of a cost estimate, be it for their own purposes or while applying for a subsidies. Even a basic tool, when used by a skilled and creative individual, might bring exceptional results and benefits, both in terms of quality and finances. When choosing software that fits best your needs, it is worth to stop for a while and review your expectations, demands and challenges faced by your company. With careful planning, making a suitable choice and providing the employees with appropriate resources to prepare for a change, the implementation of translation software at your company might be far less challenging that it seems to.

Moving towards the efficient use of available tools

Even though it might seem like a small change on its own, implementing new translation software is a revolutionary step in your company’s development. In the beginning it is advisable to take a general look over the challenging tasks, problems encountered during order execution – and try to diagnose how translation software implementation might solve them. Translation software itself ranges from simple translation memories to complex translation management systems aimed at well-developed agencies. There is also one important decision to be made before attempting to choose the best offer: as a CEO, you know best your client’s demands and are most familiar with their privacy policy. When choosing a cloud-based software, ensure that it does not infringe your client’s terms of cooperation.

The mighty power of an invisible tool – unleash the full potential of your company

With just a little help, your company can bloom on the market and skyrocket towards the success. Every tiny step towards automatisation equals the increase in translation throughput and quality. Beginner translators can focus mainly on two options:

Creating a translation memory, which is especially valuable during a long-lasting cooperation with loyal customers. Every completed translation is divided into segments; each time you upload a new file, the translation memory goes through it and searches for similar word strands. Its use provides mutual benefits – a translator can complete their work successfully in a shorter time, while the client receives target texts which are consistent in terms of nomenclature, effectively eliminating ambiguity.

Term bases are equally important, allowing to create personalised dictionaries divided according to translator’s personal preference. Every task involves some phrases and terms which turn out to be unexpectedly challenging – and with the use of term bases, the translator can avoid ineffective search every time they stumble upon the unfortunate word in the text. It saves time and helps to create designated resources centered around a general idea – be it medicine, legal nomenclature, IT or finances. Just as with translation memory, every time a certain phrase appears in the text, the linguist receives a hint with a proposed term translation – helping to maintain consistency and high quality of translation.

Moving beyond the duties of a linguist does not mean the necessity to abandon the use of translation software; it’s actually quite the opposite! The more advanced your company is, the more possibilities there are on the market.

translation management systems

Most popular solutions refer to translation management systems, enabling fluent communication and uninterrupted workflow between specialists assigned to the execution of a given order. These tools are mainly designed with project managers in mind, but literally every person contributing to a given project will appreciate instant access to the resources, effortless communication and fast information flow. Even dealing with the initial skepticism (which usually accompanies such revolutionary changes) seems to be less troublesome when we think about the overall benefit.

CAT tools – the resources that reshaped the world of translation as we knew it

The emergence of CAT tools on the market drastically changed the game and imposed quick adaptation to the new circumstances on those professionals and CEOs that still wanted to stay two steps ahead of the competition. Since we are familiar with the concept of a translation memory, the general idea behind a CAT tool is their further and more advanced usage. Most programs, such as MemoQ or Trados, support various file formats, enabling quick offer preparation and cost estimation. It should be remembered, however, that while MemoQ or Memsource can be effectively used by amateur or occasional translators during simple projects, these tools require some financial investment in order to remain an efficient help for professionals and translation agency owners. The monthly subscription fee or one-time payment makes it possible to fully exploit the potential that lies in modern technology. The clients can be sure of consistent usage of preferred nomenclature, as well as shorter lead time and more attractive price offer. On a less positive note, however, the more rich in features the software is, the longer the preparations to introduce it may be – in order to ensure its proper and uninterrupted use, it might turn out that an additional training is much needed.

Implement the changes slowly, one at a time – and then observe the rapid progress

Translation software has proven to be a tremendously powerful resource – but the effects can rarely be seen immediately after the implementation. Patience is an undervalued virtue that characterizes the most persistent and success-driven entrepreneurs; their ambition does not wear off even among the most unfavourable initial circumstances. Try creating a term base and a translation memory; move on to implement a reliable and comprehensive CAT tools enabling the efficient use of gathered resources. Along with the development of your company, try to solve the management issues by introducing the translation management system – but first of all, appreciate all of the people who stand by your side during these changes. 

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