Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software - professional and innovative applications in the service of maintaining the highest quality of translation.

CAT software is a real must-have for every respected and advanced translation agency.

A lot is being said about CAT tools, translation support applications and translation management systems; however, the clients of translation agencies often do not know what these programs are.

In this article I will try to dispel any doubts and describe - in an understandable manner - what these programs actually do and what is their relevance to the translation industry.

CAT software - from A to Z

The essence of using any tools is to optimize processes and streamline work. It is the same situation with CAT tools, which are designed to serve both individual translators and translation agencies.

In terms of translation management, CAT software allows the following:

• creating translation projects - simple and more complex

• formulating tasks for translators within a given project

• creating and assigning translation memories to existing projects

• monitoring each new entry in translation memories

• creating term bases and their management

• deadline control for assigned projects

• carrying out technical analysis (Quality Assurance)

Computer Aided Translation

CAT tools play also an important role with regard to the translation process itself. Direct use of client’s programs (or even more frequently – web-based applications), combined with translator’s work, create a possibility to save the translated material into a database.

Large translation memories, comprised of hundreds of glossary entries, may be created through programs dedicated for translators. Over the last decade, the lead time has significantly shortened – and we owe that change solely to the technology development.

Thanks to the usage of all these tools, customers receive high quality translations at reasonable prices.

The most important benefits for your clients include:

• significantly shorter lead time

• cost optimization in the aspect of long-term cooperation

• effective management of multilingual translation projects

• use of translation memories and term bases.

• support for many unconventional formats and file types


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