Wordfast - one of the most popular CAT tools

Wordfast - one of the most popular CAT tools

Professional translators know very well that in most of the texts there are repetitions of certain phrases, expressions, or even whole sentences. Literally or with slight differences. In such situations, it is worthwhile to make use of technological marvels and computer-assisted translation programs. They can, for example, "tell" that a similar expression has already been translated - so it can be simply copied. These applications also have advanced text-checking options, the option to use dictionaries and glossaries, and many other features that improve translation efficiency.

What are CAT tools?

While they make it much easier to work by automating some of the process of document translation, they should not be confused with the so-called "app-translators" - which claim to be "translation programs" to whom they are still very far away. CAT tools do not perform work for us, but they just make things easier.

In general, they occur in two forms:

  • • add-ons for Microsoft Word text editor;
  • • standalone programs with built-in own editors.

The first one is certainly more comfortable for people accustomed to work with the Office suite, while the latter have more advanced options of configuration and customization for the needs of the translator. However, all their task is to support the translation process.

Wordfast is a very popular tool of this type.

It works with Word and supports not only .doc or .docx files, but also all formats supported by MS Word. Importantly, it is also compatible with Trados and the vast majority of CAT tools - its versatility not only enhances comfort and work economy, but also makes it one of the widely used programs. It has over 20.000 active users and its market share has not been declining for many years.

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