CAT tools in the work of a translator

CAT tools in the work of a translator

They make work easier, but not for everyone: CAT tools in the work of a translator

Appropriate, dedicated software has become an almost indispensable element in the work of every translator. Younger people approach CAT tools more liberally, but those with longer professional experience are still skeptical about translation assistance methods such as translation memories. These programs certainly have their advantages, however, they should be used with caution: they do not work equally well in every situation, and their inappropriate utilization could even make our work more difficult. Personal knowledge, skills and intuition are still the basis of our work.

Significant time-savings

Using translation memories allows us to save a lot of time, as we do not have to repeatedly translate the same text or very similar segments of text. Using previously translated phrases and sentences in our work, especially in documents of the same type and written in the same style, allows us to focus on language nuances that we wouldn’t normally have that much time for.

CAT software

If we translate an entire package of texts for a single customer or a repeated project from a customer, with content from the same field, the translation speed increases significantly. The same applies in the case of specialized terminology, which is usually relatively repetitive within a given industry and is typically used in a similar context.

Greater consistency of the final text

CAT tools utilize the previously translated segments, as a result of which they ensure the consistency of the prepared translation. When preparing a translation for a particular customer with the use of CAT software, we ensure that the same phrases and sentences will retain a specific style, and that the vocabulary used in them will have identical meaning.

With every translated text we extend the corresponding Translation Memory database, whose later utilization constantly improves the consistency of the subsequent translations. It also reduces the time required for their execution, and maintains the quality at a consistent level.


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