Trados - part 1

Trados - part 1

The development of technology and a computer occupying nearly the entire workspace, has virtually totally changed the form of translator’s work, which until recently was based on line-by-line handwriting. In order to improve translation quality, a number of innovations has been introduced - all to save precious time and increase efficiency.

Such tools which support the work of translators are primarily specialized software, which are also known as CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation).

What is Trados Studio actually?

Trados Studio is a software used to perform computer-aided translations. It is the work of the German company Trados GmbH, which was founded in 1984 by Jochen Hummel and Iko Knyphausen.

The initial version consisted of two components: MultiTerm and Translator's Workbench, which were created in the early 1990s. With the help of Microsoft at the end of the decade, Trados strengthened its position and thus became the leading program in the translation software market. Broad interest in the product resulted in the purchase of a British tycoon providing language services - SDL International, in 2005.

What makes Trados Studio so popular?

There is no denying that this program is simply one of the most advanced CAT tools, which we can find in the translation market.

The operation of the program is carried out on an ongoing basis during the translation and complementing the database, which is also known as the translation memory, as well as the terminology database.

The database engine has been preset in such a way that the translator can use both automatic translations of text fragments that have been previously translated and also suggestive translations, which are known as fuzzy translations.

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In Translation Memory, in addition to translated fragments, there is also information about the structure and the context of specific data, which comes in handy in the translation process. The availability of this kind of tool enables the program to choose virtually the same translation of the text fragment, when it encounters a similar or practically identical piece of text.

Trados Accessibility>

The 2007 version enhancements made Trados no longer cooperating with the Microsoft Office suite. Thereby it extends the target group that can use the program without a need to have Microsoft Office installed. This allows the translator to perform a translation via the special Studio editor, which is implemented in the program. This modification contributes to a significantly faster text translation.

In addition, by verifying terminological consistency through Quality Assurance, the translator is assured that his terminology will be coherent even when the project is carried out by several translators.


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