Let the technology help you – but how to choose a CAT tool suitable for your needs?

Ever-changing development of various CAT tools over the last decade has diversified the market and revolutionised the execution of translation tasks. After a long reign of Trados in the field, the sector is now facing dynamic changes resulting from the emergence of new solutions and programs, many of them being far more user-friendly than the software offered by SDL. These tools foster consistent usage of specialist nomenclature, enable quicker and more efficient order completion as well as creation of personalised term bases and translation memories. While financial aspect is undeniably important, translator’s needs have to be taken into consideration – freelancers have different demands than companies, so it seems that there is no language solution that suits everyone.

Memsource – an intuitive, cloud-based solution for freelance translators

Beginner translators are often discouraged by the complexity of Trados and an abundance of its features that they are not able to take advantage of. In such cases it is advisable to look for a different solution, one that might not offer such a wide range of options but would still significantly facilitate the process. Memsource, launched in 2011 and gaining an increasing popularity over its six years of existence, seems to be a perfect choice for beginner (and more advanced) freelancers who appreciate high performance supported by simplicity and ease of use. This CAT tool is cloud-based, allowing the translator to work literally anywhere, if there only is Internet connection; such freedom is an additional trait for professionals who value flexibility or tend to take their work with them anywhere they go. The program is also suitable for companies, ensuring quick flow of information and facilitating efficient project management. Thanks to its clear interface and intuitive use, Memsource does rarely require any additional training other than a short introduction, therefore sparing the CEO all of the time-consuming planning stages.

How can Memsource help your company?

Implementing CAT tools is an important step in company’s development – a step that might bring tremendous changes and improvements. Successful launch of CAT software will significantly help both translators and clients by ensuring top-notch consistency in using preferred words as chosen by the ordering party and providing pre-translated phrases basing on ever-growing translation memories. Main advantage that comes with using Memsource is that it follows the software as a service (SaaS) model; in such a case the entrepreneur is no longer responsible for software installation, maintenance, troubleshooting or updating, leaving these tasks to professionals and allowing the CEO to focus on other duties. The program is based on the freemium model, meaning that amateur and occasional translators can use it free of charge, while professional translators (Freelance Edition) and translation companies (Team Start, Team and Unlimited Editions) pay a monthly fee in order to access additional features.

Memsource help your company

A CAT tool for all – from beginner and advanced translators to companies and business enterprises

They say that you cannot please everyone, yet the developers of MemSource have pretty much succeeded in this demanding field. The software offered is aimed at people simply working with languages, at all proficiency levels; thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface it provides quick and efficient help with no need for additional training. There is only one issue which should be carefully considered by the company owner and company’s clients together – data privacy. Memsource is a cloud-based solution, therefore all of the data is stored in the web, which might pose a challenge in case of projects involving confidential information. Carefully consider whether using that solution would be possible, search for benefits and possible challenges; finally, try Memsource and then decide about the upgrade and monthly subscription. You can change your mind at any given moment – it is, however, highly unlikely that you will enjoy stepping backward after making such a leap forward.


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