It’s time to face the music: project management does revolve around rearranging files

It’s time to face the music: project management does revolve around rearranging files

Project managers should focus on these tasks that bring real profit to your company, namely negotiations with language specialists and your customers, handling troublesome issues and finding appropriate solutions that satisfy both parties involved in the conflict. Forcing them to deal solely with managing correspondence and files is a pure waste of time that could be easily avoided in just one step: implementing process automation. Let’s see how you can do that.

Automate as much as you can.

  • Automation is a simple solution to all repetitive responsibilities, such as quotations, CAT analysis import, assigning jobs to language specialists you cooperate with. None of these should constitute key part of PM’s daily work – they should focus on monitoring and dealing with particular cases.
  • Project completion does not depend on project managers carrying out all these tasks. Using tailor-made online tools can make a tremendous difference when it comes to tracking your vendor availability, deadlines and margins.

Maintain control.

  • Your job will be much easier due to repeatable and truly measurable processes – but facilitating your work is only one among numerous benefits that come along with careful arrangement of your daily duties. These bring repeatable, high-quality services that make your customers feel satisfied.
  • Do not confuse automation with losing control over all those processes. Use technology to your advantage and make appropriate amendments that turn general tools into tailor-made solutions for your business and preferred type of operation.

Retain the human touch.

  • Literally every single stage of translation completion can be successfully handled by automated system – from quote calculations, vendor assignment and the ultimate submission of a ready-made project.
  • Still, make sure that such an approach is not detrimental to the relations with your business partners, customers and language specialists that you cooperate with. Automated e-mails might feel impersonal, so spend some time preparing personalized templates.

Turn “push” into “pull”.

  • Make the most of everything that online tools have to offer: give your vendors a chance to download the files from the web instead of dedicating your time to pushing messages with files, projects and tasks.
  • Such an approach will make work far more easier for all parties involved. Creating an environment where everyone can work at any time, 24/7, completing their assignments at their own pace instead of being constantly interrupted, will surely bring great results.
  • Turning the “push” approach into the “pull” one can leap into a whole new world ahead.

Design long-term goals, execute short-term targets.

  • Identifying your current processes in crucial in designing brand new, automated ones. Documenting the processes in force will expose all shortcuts that you didn’t know about and that significantly influence your outcomes.  
  • Automation comes with rigorous rules and strict responsibility. Even if it sounds like a long, exhausting and demanding process – which it undoubtedly is – it’s only a phase in the evolution of your business. Be brave and leap into the future.
  • Never bite off more than you are able to chew. Determine clearly which areas require the least effort, yet could yield immediate results – and focus solely on them. Upon reaching your pre-defined goal, take a closer look on your journey to success. See how you managed to do it and what could you do to make it faster and better.

The issue of automation covers a wide array of issues, and there are just as many approaches to it. Properly set forth, repeatable and measurable processes significantly contribute not only to greater ease of work but also to the consistency of high-quality services offered by your enterprise. Still, confronted with automation processes, many people feel anxious due to possible problems with job stability or losing the human touch in contact with their clients. Try to look at it this way: by delivering stable, high-quality and fast services, your position as a competent project manager grows steadily. Automation is out there to help you, so make the most of the modern technology – it’s there to help you, spare you some mundane work and bring extraordinary benefits to your company.


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