Translation Project Automation Responding to Market Pressure!

Translation Project Automation Responding to Market Pressure!

Minimize Management Overhead

And become a part of your customer processes


“With Project Managers focusing on oversight instead of file distribution, your operations can run smoothly around the clock with little manual work.”


Reduce the End-Customer Costs

By automating as much as possible project management overhead costs are reduced significantly. This allows you to provide competitive rates to your customer while maintaining a healthy margin.


Translation Services Incorporated into Client Processes

Translation and localization processes are becoming an important part of the production cycle in various industries. Through a rich set of APIs XTRF is ready to seamlessly become a part of your customer production line, giving your business a major competitive advantage.


Immediate Project Delivery

When the final stage of a project has been reached the customer is informed that the expected results are ready to download. The customer can then obtain them directly from the system without the need for additional contact.


Automatic Work Dispatch Between Project Stages

As soon as one vendor submits their results the next in line has the work available to them. No time is wasted on transferring information from one vendor to another which helps to reduce turnaround time to a minimum.


Open for Business 24/7

Through automated processes, well-defined vendor selection mechanisms, and web tools, your vendors and customers can reach you at any time of the day.


Steady stream of small projects

Today more and more projects consist of a steady stream of small texts to be translated. Often the overhead costs for managing such jobs is similar to the cost of a large project, therefore making them unprofitable. Now with XTRF extended automation mechanisms those projects become easily manageable and profitable.




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