Have All The Information at Hand

Have All The Information at Hand

Everything in one place and a place for everything!


Vendor Database

as a manageable asset


Consistent processes

across the business


Common access

to shared resources


Treat all The Information as an Asset

We help to manage it, organize it, make it accessible


Your company information is a valuable asset and our system manages it. By keeping it all in one place instead of distributing it among various team members, the information becomes manageable,accessible and safe.”


Consistent Data Flow Between Business Processes

We help define business processes which involve people and resources. Our system delivers those resources to recipients that need them at the required stage in the process.


All Documents Readily Accessible

No more searching through different mailboxes for e-mail attachments. With XTRF all the information is at hand. Our system classifies it, indexes it and manages archives. The intuitive search function finds the documents you need for immediate use.


No Time Wasted on E-mails and Files Shuffling Through Files

Project Managers should be managing projects instead of sending e-mails, tracking file versions and ensuring their delivery. Our system takes care of those things for you, so you can focus on the important parts of your job.


Peers and Teams are Always Up-to-date

No more hidden notebooks and lost sticky notes, now, all of your company data becomes shared and accessible. This helps not only in keeping the whole team

up-to-date, but also with the distribution of knowledge between teams. Finally, both Sales and Production can be on the same page.


All Vendors in One Place

Containing not only a vendor’s project history but also tracking their performance through automated customer surveys, the Vendor Database finally becomes a manageable company asset. Now, vendor process selection can be based on hard data instead of on a project manager’s personal opinion.





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