How can we effectively speed up translation work?

How can we effectively speed up translation work?

How to speed up work on translations?

Each month brings new and better solutions which allow for faster translation of documents. If you want to offer high quality services, you should constantly improve your skills and keep you finger on the pulse.

The fact that in the translation industry there is still a lot of room for improvement is evidenced by the emergence of new solutions. One way to speed up your cooperation with the customer is to use a translation management system.

If you are not using such a system and you still depend on e-mails, you waste a lot of time on communication, which slows down your work. There may also be delays in the delivery of files and in reporting. For this reason it's worth to analyze the process of cooperation with the customer and see if you can improve it.

Reduce the possibility of human error.

Regardless of whether you use a translation management system, the typical course of work is as follows:

1. Segmentation of files

2. Pre-translation

3. Translation

4. File reconstruction (e.g. DTP)

5. Delivery of the file to the customer.

This process can be carried out manually, but a lot more benefits can be achieved if we automate it. In this way we will eliminate the weak links{C}. The system supports the work and eliminates errors, but does not perform the translation for you.

If you don't use such a system, then you have to manually move files to the subsequent steps. When you finish formatting the file, you send it to the customer. There is a risk that you will send the wrong version of the file or that the customer will not receive it, because the email will go to the spam folder. For this reason the duration of the project is significantly extended, and you waste time on correcting errors. Couldn't we simplify it?

Imagine that you could send the same file using an automated system. When you complete a translation, the application will automatically let the customer know that they can download it (from the cloud). As a result you save time and you can quickly move on to subsequent translations. This has a positive effect on your earnings and on the customer's satisfaction.

The customer is certain that they will receive their file at the agreed time.

Translation management

Translation management also prevents other problems

Thanks to translation management systems, the person responsible for the acceptance of a project in a company, who commissioned the translation, is able to receive a notification through a text message or email. This is very useful when that person is temporarily outside of their office. It's also a good way to ask questions when dealing with a project.

Email communication requires us to send large numbers of messages, whereas a translation management system allows us to gather all the questions in one place. The email is a convenient method of communication, however, in many applications it causes too many problems.

Gathering all the data in one place is a much better solution than searching through email accounts. You can also share folders with different people, which makes managing projects a lot easier.

Beneficial effect on business intelligence

In order to really save money and make good business decisions, you need to analyze the data concerning the translations. This applies both to translators and the companies that they cooperate with. In the system we can gather all the information about the translations and then use them in subsequent projects.

Many companies are aware, that if they provide the translator with translation memories, they could get a better price for the translation. The system has a big advantage over the standard method of collecting data, because it works automatically.

The translator can easily calculate whether many segments are repeated and offer the appropriate price. Such reports are generated with a single click of the mouse, and the Management Board of a company which is looking for translations can use them to select the best translation agency or translator. This is very important if the documents were previously scattered across various departments within the company.

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