DTP and proofreading

DTP and proofreading

With the use of the latest technologies, we also prepare materials for polygraphic reproduction. This means that we make a typesetting of translations, which then, printed and with maintained graphic organisation, are sent to a printing office. Because of our software and cooperation with specialists in their fields, we translate brochures, books, leaflets, catalogues, magazines and other informative texts, taking accountability for the work associated with creating and post-processing materials.

We offer proofreading by a Native Speaker. Our proofreading services involve both stylistic and grammatical verification of a given text. All inconsistencies, mistakes, such as unfortunate wording and grammatical mistakes, misspellings, wrongly translated words and other linguistic discrepancies, are revised or removed from the material.

Technical translations proofreading done by qualified translators specialising in particular fields, such as medicine, law, engineering, IT etc. Verification services provided by experienced translators guarantee appropriate terminology, technical language and the highest possible quality of the completed traslation.

The other service that we are proud to provide is proofreading of the target text in any foreign, (Polish as well) language. This includes verification of the target text compared to the original with respect to lexicon, grammar and graphic content, locating and captioning images as well as the overall style of the text. We verify texts in all languages covered by our offer.

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