Technial translations

Technial translations

Translating technical documentation of the biggest difficulty is one of the factors that differentiate Translationxperts from other institutions. We translate complicated texts in the fields of economy, construction, engineering, finance, law, industry and our specialty is IT. Our experienced translators are superior linguists, and most importantly, they specialise in different fields that match any subject.

In addition, our group of translators can be assisted by professional supervision of consultants in case of any uncertainties arising from terminology.

Translatonxperts does not charge extra money for technical translations, because we believe that there are no difficult texts for us. Quality and guarantee are included in the price of the service, which is always prepared in response to precise needs of the Clients!

Our offer in the field of technical translation is prepared for any Clients and its goal is to guarantee highest possible quality, correctness and terminological unity of the texts we work on.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!