Written translations

Written translations

So far we have furnished many Clients with translations of financial reports, agreements, regulations, reading materials, productions, registry forms and also addition day to day correspondence.

Our individual Clients are as improtant for us as corporate ones – we are cheerful to give even short standard translations for private clients. In numerous projects we use CAT software, which permits us to keep up uniform wording even on account of vast undertakings executed by a group of translators


Our Offer:

  • popular science texts
  • technical, commercial, legal, economy and medical texts
  • manuals
  • financial control and audit texts
  • advertising materials
  • entertainment texts and literature
  • training materials
  • trade agreements
  • software
  • images in computer graphics and design software
  • business texts and materials
  • trade offers
  • e-correspondence
  • architectural and construction specifications


All translations done in our agency to foreign languages are proofread by native speakers of a given language. We have gained our Clients' trust by treating all the given materials and information as classified.  It is a standard strategy for us to sign a relevant clause when receiving important documents. We provide our clients with translations for companies as well as for individual Clients. We translate all kinds of standard official documents, such as:


  • permanent residence certificates
  • birth certificates
  • court judgements
  • marriage certificates


We offer good prices of sworn translations or car documentation. We can also translate fragments of important documenttion and texts, such as:


  • baccalaureate certificates
  • employment records
  • supplements to diplomas


We offer the following sworn translations for institutional clients:


  • opinions of banks
  • agreements
  • notarial deeds
  • certificates


Our Clients receive our complete translations in a way that they suits them best - we are elastic. They can always get the documents in our office, having them delivered by mail or a courier services. We also make it possible to send it via online channels.


Despite our standard written services, our translators may do a website localisation for you. We know that a website fulfills a role of a company's business card. We try do do all we can to help our Clients to establish good relations with their potential business partners from different countries, taking  care to provide the best result possible through proper cooperation among our translators, graphic designers and programming team to make sure our Clients succeed on the international level. We fully preserve the programming code (HTML, JavaScripit, ActiveX, VBScript, Flash etc.). Our services include translation of all page formats, such as PHP or HTML. Depending on the needs of Clients, our programmers localise translations on the living organism such as files, placed on the servers provided by the Client.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!