Project Management Has Never Been So Easy!

Everything at hand

Select Vendors, change dates, upload

files and split jobs.


60% faster

Be more efficient than ever


Clear Design

Great overview of all the stages

of a process



A New Standard in Project Management


The XTRF Smart Project is tailored for maximum efficiency and clarity. Our extensive research shows a consistent 60% improvement in performance over existing solutions.”



A New Level of Quality in Project Management

We have combined years of experience and knowledge to provide you with this breakthrough solution in Translation Project Management. Managing projects has never been so easy.


People, Processes, and Resources Brought Together

Translation Projects are not just another job to manage. Instead, they bring a unique set of challenges. People, resources, and processes must be combined and coordinated seamlessly. XTRF Smart Projects takes this fully into account and provides an exceptional experience for any Project Manager in the Translation Industry.

Low Cost of Entry for New Team Members

Onboarding new team members has never been so easy. A clear and concise view of your projects reduces the effort it takes to bring someone up to speed.



Efficiency and Ease-of-use Through a Wide Range of Automations

To gear our system toward being two steps ahead of your needs, we have introduced a wide range of automated tools. No need for tedious manual operations; all the required project elements will be created automatically based on the information provided. That is why we call it Smart.


Comprehensive and Clear Project State Presentation

With a clear overview of the entire project and comprehensive presentation of the project details, XTRF gives you all the information you need, when you need it.



How much faster will you be with XTRF?



Clear and concise Layout

Streamlined vendor management

Comprehensive resource overview

Minimized effort through advanced automations



The 3 pillars of Project Management


We came

10 years of experience in the translation industry

We saw

thousands of hours spent on user research

We understood…


The Translation Industry has its specifics that make project management especially challenging. It is a fast paced and highly competitive market. Its professionals expect and demand the best tools fortheir job.


After 10 years of market experience and thousands of hours spent on user research we finally created a project management tool tailored specifically to the needs of our industry. It combines in a unique way processes, people, and resources to give you the ultimate solution for translation project management.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!