Our offer regarding interpretations includes all sorts of events which involve the presence of an interpreter, such as:

  • training courses
  • interpretation of telephone conversations/video conferences with foreign partners
  • conferences
  • meetings
  • comprehensive services relating to fairs both in Poland and abroad
  • talks and negotiations
  • other services

We always try to meet the expectations of our most demanding Clients by providing services of qualified interpreters with at least several years of experience in the business – the best of the best. We do our best to choose translators whose education and knowledge correspond to the topic of the conversation, conference, cultural event etc., in which they are to take part. We guarantee absolute competence and no disruptions during the events. All our experts are distinguished as highly cultured, making our Clients feel relaxed and comfortable in their presence. All information acquired during interpreted sessions is considered confidential. We translate fluently and precisely.

We also perform simultaneous interpretations. Despite the best possible quality of interpreting, there is a possibility of providing you with all appropriate equipment, such as booths, audio recording, response system, and sound system.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!