Enhance Your Efficiency

Enhance Your Efficiency

Get the job done quicker!

Flexible Process Designer

This is so much easier than other project management tools


Manage projects

Instead of shuffling files


With everything in one place, no more time will be wasted searching for information. Thanks to our advanced search mechanism all of your company’s information is just a click away.”


Automated Quoting and Invoicing

Fast and accurate quotes are one of the best ways of securing a customer. Our system provides precise cost estimates based on your rates and CAT analysis so that you can deliver a quote document to a customer seconds after you receive the request.


Quick Access to Vendor Profiles

Is this vendor right for the job? What is his/her schedule like? Do I have a backup option? Our vendor management system will take care of vendor selection for you. Our system also tracks vendor performance history with a survey that can be sent to customers automatically.


Effort Logging and Project Margin Tracking

The key to a profitable project lies in its cost structure. The external costs related to vendors are clear and predictable while the internal costs are much more difficult to evaluate. Internal costs are associated with the amount of work required to manage the project which is why logging effort on a per project basis is crucial for estimating profitability.


Repetitive, Manual Work Brought to a Minimum

Tasks that need to be repeated again and again are not only tedious but also error prone. By automating a vast range of operations, you increase both your speed and quality. We provide the right tools for the job.


Improved Turnaround Time

We reduce the time of the project process by using a wide range of automated mechanisms. Such features include but are not limited to: vendor selection based on specialization and availability, automatic job forwarding to the next stage of the project, and making the results available to the customer immediately after the last project stage.



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