Timeliness - the most important aspect of interaction with a customer

Timeliness - the most important aspect of interaction with a customer

Every customer, regardless of what reason brings him to the translation agency, always asks the same question: when can I collect my order? Sometimes there is no easy answer - you have to consider many factors that can affect lead time. However, if a specific date has already been presented, it must not be exceeded by all means. Meeting deadlines is one of the key elements of professionalism in the work of a competent translation agency.

Why meeting deadlines is so important?

Very often, handing over the results of work to a client affects not only the success of his business, but also such important matters as the treatment of a serious disease. When the client arrives at the translation office, he gives it a credit of trust. The customer believes that after a specified period of time, they will receive a high-quality document, translated according to the best knowledge and experience of a translator - and after collecting the order they might use it instantly for their own purposes.


Timeliness measures the quality of work, reliability and ability to keep your word. If the contractor obeys the agreed deadlines, the client knows he can always count on him. This helps to establish a very important relationship from the business perspective, based on mutual trust and loyalty.

If the translator fails to deliver the translation before the deadline, it is necessary to warn the client about it before he asks. For instance, they might need to postpone the date of a business meeting during which an important contract will be signed – the exact same one that the translators are currently working on. Although the client certainly won’t be happy about it, it is considered more professional than not being able to meet the deadline without letting the customer know about it.

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