XTRF - A good team player Integrates with other systems seamlessly!

XTRF - A good team player Integrates with other systems seamlessly!

Leverage Your Existing Infrastructure

Get More From Your Tools by Making Them Work Together


With its integration mechanisms and advanced APIs XTRF can seamlessly become a part of your existing IT ecosystem.”


Part of the IT Ecosystem

Modern language service providers use a wide range of software to support their operations. XTRF does not aim to replace these tools. It leverages their capabilities by connecting them with each other.


CAT Tools Support

CAT tool integration is a key part of managing translation projects that uses your vendor effort in the most efficient way, and also provides reduced cost and improved quality to your customers.


Support for CRMs

Although we offer an impressive CRM module that we use in our own daily operations, we also provide the possibility of smooth integration with other CRM systems on the market.


QuickBooks Integration

XTRF provides integration with QuickBooks, an accounting software developed by Intuit, popular mostly in the United States, but also in the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries.


Rich Set of APIs

As a cloud-based system, XTRF is easily accessible through its clear and concise set of APIs. These REST based services are well documented and easily addressed.They can be used with minimal amount of introduction by any specialist.



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